Anarchy in Catalan

For historical context on the #CatalanReferendum, read George Orwell‘s “Homage to Catlonia“. It’s a gripping personal narrative that also paints a larger geo-political picture. Especially relevant now/again as #CatalanReferendum is happening.

This is the book that set up 1984.

This is the war that set up WWII.

For contemporary context, read CrimethInc.’s “Anarchists on the Catalan Referendum : Three Perspectives from the Streets”.

On Sunday, October 1, the Catalan government held a referendum about Catalan independence from Spain in flagrant defiance of the Spanish government. Massive open clashes between Catalan voters and Spanish police took place throughout the region. A general strike is called for October 3 as a showdown looms between rival politicians and, perhaps, rival states. This situation poses complex challenges: how do anarchists show solidarity to partisans of Catalan independence against police repression without legitimizing nationalism, democracy, or a new Catalan state and its police? We spoke with several anarchists throughout the region and translated these three reports to offer insight into how Catalan anarchists are approaching these questions.